International School of Chemometrics     ISC 2021

The International School of Chemometrics - ISC - 2021 edition is currently in development.


Final calendar and subscriptions: At the beginning of January 2021. 

Tentative dates: From the 31st of May until the 2nd of July, 2021.

Place: Copenhagen, Denmark


- MATLAB: Introduction to Matlab for Multivariate Data Analyis. 5 Days. 2.5 ECTS.

- BASICS: Basic introduction to Chemometrics. Data types, PCA, pre-processing, Multivariate Regression. 3 days. 1.5 ECTS.

- CLASS: Linear Classification Models. 2 days. 1 ECTS.

- VARSEL: Variable Selection. 1 day. 0.5 ECTS.

- LINAL: Linear Algebra for Chemometrics. 2 days. 1 ECTS.

- MCR: Multivariate Curve Resolution. 2 days. 1 ECTS.

- NONLIN: Non-Linear Models. 2 days. 1 ECTS.

- FUSION: Multivariate Data Fusion. 2 days. 1 ECTS.

- ERROR: Multivariate Error. 2 days. 1 ECTS.

- MULTIWAY: Multiway data analysis. 2 days. 1 ECTS.

- METABO: Metabolomics Data Analysis. 2 days. 1 ECTS.

- MSPC: Multivariate Process Control. 2 days. 1 ECTS.

- QSAR: Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship. 2 days. 1 ECTS.

- GLUE: How NOT to Make Chemometrics. 0.5 days. No ECTS.

Confirmed teachers:

- Davide Ballabio (CLASS and VARSEL)

- Federico Marini (FUSION)

- Morten A. Rasmussen (LINAL)

- Agnieszka Smolinska (METABO)

- Marina Cocchi (MSPC)

- Francesca Grisoni (QSAR)

- Anna de Juan (MCR)


- José Manuel Amigo (MATLAB, BASICS, VARSEL, GLUE)

Option of assisting online: YES (bimodal teaching).

Option of being granted with ECTS (physically present and online): YES

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