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March 26, 2019

Hyperspectral Imaging Book coming soon!!!

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January 25, 2019

HYPER-Tools v.2 available!!!

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding! We have been working on improving HYPER-Tools from a practical point of view. And I hope you like this version. There are many things in mind for HYPER-Tools v.3.0. But now is time to enjoy this second version.

- First of all, we have added Dr. Davide Ballabio as co-author of HYPER-Tools, since he has been extremely kind to help us with the classification and regression part.

- Mean and standard deviation spectra can be now calculated and saved from different areas of an image.

- Sliders have been added as visualization tools.

- Waiting bar has been added when the models are being calculated.

- Spectral crop tool has been improved.

- ‘Dead pixels and spikes’ tool has been improved.

- Density scatter plots have been added in PCA and sPCA with the possibility of visualizing the pixels selected from the scatter plot in the image.

- Several minor bugs have been corrected.

- In Linear regression we count with: MLR – PCR – PLS.

- In classification we count with: SIMCA – PLSDA - SVM (only for two classes) – KNN.

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Is a Graphical User-friendly Interface (GUI) for the analysis of multispectral and hyperspectral images. The main feature of HYPER-Tools is the powerful visualization and interaction tools implemented. This easy-to-use interface integrates fundamental types of spectral and spatial pre-processing as well as the main machine learning (chemometric) tools: Exploratory multivariate data analysis, resolution, clustering, regression, and classification.

Compatible with Matlab versions:

2014b        2015a       2016a       2017a       2018a       2019a     

                   2015b       2016b       2017b      2018b

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