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HYPER-Tools version 3.0

Hyper-Tools v.3.0. is a Graphical User-friendly Interface (GUI) for the analysis of multispectral and hyperspectral images. It has powerful visualization and interaction tools implemented.

Hyper-Toolsv.3.0. integrates:

Spectral and Spatial pre-processing Methods: Binning, cropping, spectral range selection, spikes and dead pixels removal, masking tools (using up to 7 different methodologies), morphological operations (erosion, dilation, opening, closing, filling holes, elimination of regions, spectral preprocessing (Smoothing, SNV, MSC, Derivatives, Auscaling).

Data Mining: Exploratory (PCA, sPCA, Evolving Factor Analysis), Clustering (K-Means, Fuzzy Clustering), Spectral Unmixing (MCR-ALS, endpoint members), Classical Least Squares, Libraries/correlations (Spectral Angle Mapper, Pearson's Correlation Coefficients).

Machine Learning: Regression (PLS, PCR, MLR) and Classification (SIMCA, PLS-DA, SVM, KNN).

Spatial Attributes: Particle counting, thresholding, homogeneity assessment (GLCM, Macropixels, Fractal dimension).

Creation of Libraries: Pixel selection tools, mean areas and sub-areas.

Multi-Image Analysis: Time-series, multiblock scenarios.

Samples: Many samples that you can also download for free.

Compatible with Matlab versions:

2016a       2017a       2018a      2019a       2020a

2016b       2017b       2018b      2019b      2020b

For a complete experience, toolboxes needed (see downloads):

Image Processing Toolbox

Statistisc and Machine Learning Toolbox

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